Consumption and usage opportunities of infrared panels

Consumption and usage opportunities of infrared panels

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Compared to regular and gas-based heating systems, the savings achieved with heating panels can be 15-20% on average, which could increase up to 50-60% during spring and autumn!

Application opportunities of the NEW AGE Crystal Technology Infrared Panel

If we create a primary heating system based in infrared technology, we can achieve the unbelievable benefits of the infrared panel compared to other heating systems. Continuously pleasant temperature in the rooms, clean, dust-free heating, no yearly maintenance or other extra costs. Our comfort in rooms heated with infrared panels is the possible highest, there is no dust or noise, neither are there any discolorations on the walls above the radiators. This is a heating solution that can be installed quickly and simply!

You can also decide to use the infrared heating as an additional heating solution to your current, perhaps outdated heating system. Most of the energy can be saved during autumn and spring, when you have yet to, or no longer turn on the primary heating of the house, or you turn it on and use a lot of energy to heat unnecessary spaces and pipes in times when you only want comfortable warmth in the bathroom or in any individual rooms. For these occasions, infrared heating provides a surprisingly comfortable feeling, with the lowest possible energy investment! (for example bathroom, children's room)

With infrared heating, you also have an opportunity to use it as a local heating solution under an office table, at a service desk of a cold warehouse or store, or, as an additional heating system in the bathroom when your children are taking a bath. At these times, you can place the radiator on a fixed place, however, you can also opt for a mobile solution, which allows you to have a concentrated and guided infrared heating system.

With the NEW AGE Crystal Technology Infrared Panels, the possibilities for heated areas are almost endless. You can replace your old, inefficient central heating system, convector heaters, or any other expensive, inefficient heating solutions of blocks of flats. Newly built houses, apartments, offices, warehouses or businesses small or large can also be designed with infrared heating. Think of a grocery store with shelves and wares all around the walls, where a gas convector or heater would operate with low efficiency, but significantly high costs. Infrared heating, on the other hand, can be installed onto the ceiling, or, in some cases, on the wall or under the desks, whilst also meaning fractions in heating costs!

In spring or autumn, when the heating does not yet operate, or does not operate any longer, most of us shiver in the bathroom after taking a shower. An infrared panel with a towel drier or an infrared mirror might offer a solution by making the room incredibly comfortable via intermittent switching and low energy consumption!

This heating solution, as we mentioned earlier, can be an independent or additional heating system. They might be controlled via direct switching, by individual room thermostats or through a GSM phone connection.


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