Calorsol Infra-panel: modern and "NEW-AGE"!! Our infra-red panels are manufactured post cutting edge research.
embedded with ceramic crystals and graphite based .
The back side of every panel is insulated
with a heat reflective back-cover,
All of our panels are customizable to suit
every interior and every need.

Physiological effects

The infrared radiation hugely resembles to the warming power of the sun, and thus has a beneficial effect on our joints, blood flow, and last, but not least improves our mood by warming up our bodies in a way known by humanity since ancient times.


Infrared heating calculator

Calculate the approximate performance you would need!

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Amount of necessary infrared panels and their installation

If you would like to recieve a quick approximate information, you can do so by using our calculator. Our calculator informs you about the energy (Watt) needed to heat the room in question, but the amount and performance of the panels has to be determined!

The principle is to design a heating plate for every 4-5 sq. meters, however, we always have to keep the interior height in mind.

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Types of infrared panels

The infrared panels can be categorized into three main groups:
-Based on heating foils
-Based on carbon fibers
-Graphite massage type

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Consumption and usage opportunities of infrared panels

If the NEW AGE Crystal Technology infrared panels had to be categorized based on their efficiency, they would recieve an "A++" rating, since their efficiency is almost 100% (99.8%).

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Things to do with the infrared panel

Its lifetime is unlimited, there are no wires or any other parts that might burn or wear out, or malfunction. You will have absolutely nothing to do with the infrared panels after installation other than enjoying their beneficial effects.

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