Heating mat

Heating mat

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Applicable under any surfaces with direct, fixed contact to the concrete base. Examples include tiles, marvel cladding, etc. Always ask our advice regarding applicability!

1. Tiles, floor tiles
2. Flexible adhesive
3. Heating mats
4. Probe to measure floor temperature
5. Step-proof heat insulation layer min. 8-10mm
6. Flexible adhesive
7. Concrete base or older cladding (must already have 2x4cms of step-proof insulation)

The heating wire is an outstanding floor heating system (not an infrared heating system!). This solution is similar to regular floor heating, however, since it is directly placed under the floor tiles, it does not heat many cubic metres of concrete unnecessarily. Following the power-up, regulated by the thermostat, you can feel the walking surface getting warmer almost instantly, however, after the thermostat switches the system off, you can enjoy the warmth of the floor for a long time, after which, this process starts from the beginning.

These products are most commonly used to heat the tiles in a bathroom or kitchen.
The user gets a complete package to the system, cotaining all the necessary heating foils for the room in question, a probe measuring the temperature of the floor (OPTIONAL), a digital thermostat (OPTIONAL) and an installation manual.

The heating mats provide easier installation whilst ensuring a steady distribution of heat on the floor space. The digital thermostat allows the electric heating to operate economically during the operational time and provide maximal comfort to the users at the same time.

The most important principle regarding a heating mat placed on the floor is that our old floor or concrete base shall have at lest 2x4 cm of step-proof insulation! If that does not exist, you are going to heat the ground or the room under you with lots of additional energy.

It is perfectly able to heat wood houses, attics, lightweight buildings, and its highly beneficial as the heating system of brick or passive houses!



Our heating mats have 5 years of warranty!


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