Amount of necessary infrared panels and their installation

Amount of necessary infrared panels and their installation

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When you design your heating systems, the two most important aspects are the calculation of the needed performance (Watt) based on the function of the room in question and to properly distribute the panels according to the base area of the room.

By using the calculator on our site, you can determine the approximate energy requirement of each rooms (Watts/room).You can find the calculator here.

In order to get a correct and accurate energy requirement value, ask our professionals for a precise calculation!

Thanks to the ceramic particle surface, our graphite mass based infrared panels radiate in a hemispherical shape, so it is important to leave an overlap in the action radius of the panels, thus avoiding any blind spots and ensuring the most optimal sense of comfort!

The necessary panel outputs are determined by the interior height of the room the panels will be placed at.

  • In rooms with interior heights up to 2.0 - 2.4 meters, using lower performance panels (200W-400W) is recommended.
  • In rooms with interior heights between 2.4-3 meters, using medium performance (400W-650W) panels is recommended.
  • In rooms with interior heights between 3-6 meters, using only the highest performance (650W-1000W) panels is recommended.


You can find the fastening screws, dowels, and caps covering the screw heads in the set.

We mostly recommend installing infrared panels onto the ceiling, however, they might also be installed on sidewalls when inevitable. In this situation, however, we need to add 10-15% to the calculated energy requirements due to the possible shadow areas. Only electronic professionals should install infrared heating systems!

The panels are usually fastened with two - four screws placed into the holes drilled in the frame or installation frame.

We recommend connecting the electric wire to the network by soldering, in order to prevent corrosion due to the power consumption, and any overheatings as a result of this.

The infrared panels should be evenly distributed on the ceilings (4-5 sq. m./panel).

To install EV-II shock protection category panels, using a 2x1 sq. mm flexible, double insulated copper wire is required. To install EV-I category panels, 3x1 sq. mm. wire networks are required.2.

After the installation, the surface of the panels should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner as any possible stains could cause discolorations.

Surface discolorations are not covered by the warranty!

When you finished the installation, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun in your home, and no maintenance is required on this heating system later on!


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