Physiological effects

Physiological effects

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We could make a long list about the benefits of infrared heating, however, the most important are its physiological effects.

After the long, moist winter, everyone desires the beneficial warmth of sunlight, a feeling we are no able to exactly reproduce in our homes and jobs with our infrared panels.

The infrared radiation hugely resembles to the warming power of the sun, and thus has a good effect on our joints, blood flow, and last, but not least improves our mood by warming up our bodies in a way known for humanity since ancient times.

As the air temperature created with infrared heating is homogeneous , the air is not getting mixed, meaning that the amount of airborne dust is insignificant. On top of all these, we have good news for people suffering from allergies. Because of the reasons mentioned above, the amount of flying pollens and mites in the air are also reduced to a minimal level.

Bacteria are unable to settle on the heating panels, however, think about the dust and the mite colonies in that dust that accumulate in regular radiators or different heating and air ventilation systems in one heating season. Who can stop and clean their entire air heating system during the heating season?

We are, of course, aware of the importance of the air's humidity. A great advantage of this device is that it does not dry the air, only the walls, as it makes them warmer. When an apartment is humid, molds are allowed to grow and spread. If your heating system is convection-based (based on radiators, floor or air heating), you also have to purchase a humidifier. The infrared panels, however, keep the relative humidity of the air between 40 and 47% via the natural ventilation of the walls, thus keeping our comfortable feel at every breath. This is highly beneficial for people suffering from asthma! Also, the elimination of wet, moist walls might bring relief to people suffering from joint diseases. It keeps our muscles and joints warm, and helps relaxing them.


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