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Programmable Digital Thermostat Q-7RF

6 daily switching programs you are free to choose for each day of the week individually (on 10 minute scale), and a separate temperature for every switching time (adjustable on a 0.5°C scale). Equipped with clearly visible, sizable screen and buttons.

Four options are available to temporarily change the set program.

Manual temperature setting until the next programmed switch time

Manual temperature setting for the time interval between 0-9 hours

Manual temperature setting for the time interval between 1-99 days (holiday program)

Manual temperature setting continuously until the next manual intervention (defrosting program)

Setting sensitivity: 0,2 C

Switching voltage: 0 V AC/DC..250 V AC,50 Hz, 

Simple programming, setting repeating programs are aided with the COPY function.

Two wire connection

Load: 8 A Max: 1760W switching voltage! 

Battery voltage 2x 1.5V AA (only usable with alkaline batteries)

Batteries are not included! 

The display has a blue backlight 

Dimensions 130x80x29mm

47,90 € each

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