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Digital Thermostat Q-3RF

Digital thermostat and thermometer

0V - 230V switching voltage

0.2 °C adjustment sensitivity!!!

sizable screen

sizable buttons

Detailed description of the product:

The product is not programmable, but its display is simple and allows more precise temperature measurement and setting compared to conventional thermostats.

Usable for every boiler having a two wire connection for a room thermostat connection.

Setting sensitivity: 0,2 C

Switching voltage: 24 V AC/DC..250 V AC,50 Hz,

Load: 8 A Max: 1760W switching voltage!

- Battery voltage 2x 1,5 V, AA (only usable with alkaline batteries), does not work with rechargable batteries, as their output voltage is 1.2 V.

- Batteries are not included!

- Adjustable temperature range 5-30 °C

WIRELESS radio frequency, NON-programmable room thermostat. (For heating and cooling, with internal thermometer.)

The seamless operation of the radio frequency connection is ensured by a factory-default unique code. Multiple devices can be operated in one apartment.

38,90 € each

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