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Industrial infrared panel: 200W

Ideal for industrial solutions, halls, warehouses, etc (made with natural wood frame, utilizing a rear outlet)

230V   50Hz   IP54   ÉV II.

For industrial purposes. Two 500W infrared panel with twin framing!

We retail these products with a natural wood frame, the set contains the screws necessary for installation, their covering caps and a detailed installation guide!

Indefinite lifetime, no possibility of any malfunctions.

Deigned to heat production plants, warehouses, offices, public institutions, apartments, family houses, weekend houses, attic rooms, bathrooms and restrooms. Excellent, energy-efficient primary heating solution. It is an essential heating system for passive houses!


The Infrared panels shall, in all cases, be installed and fastened through the fixing holes, using the screws attached!

Adhering to the instruction is an indispensable condition of the warranty.

119,00 € each Width: 54 cm
Length: 54 cm
Height: 3.8 cm
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