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Infrared panel with aluminium frame: 200W Original

It efficiency is several times higher than the carbon fiber technology, as the NEW AGE ceramic crystal grains provide a capacity delivery surface 10 times higher. 

The size of the surface area from where a given Watt amount of performance is radiated does actually matter! Due to the NEW AGE Crystal technology, the surface temperature of the panels is 115-135 °C!

Indefinite lifetime, no possibility of any malfunctions. One of our most popular products within the domestic infrared panels' category! Its popularity lies within its simplicity. We retail these products with a natural borovi pine frame, the set contains the screws and dowels necessary for installation, their covering caps and a detailed installation guide!

It is an essential heating system for passive houses!

Are your walls damp and moist? The infrared panel, in some cases, offers a solution for this problem, as it heats the walls to a higher temperature compared to the temperature of the air, so condensation becomes practically impossible!

The first number of the IP sign means the size of the dust particles that might reach the plug (no. 2), whilst the second number (4) shows the resistance against splashing water!

The NEW AGE Crystal Technology Infrared panels shall, in all cases, be installed and fastened through the fixing holes, using the screws attached!  Adhering to the instruction is an indispensable condition of the warranty.

10 years of guaranty and lifetime warranty

129,00 € each Weight: 3.8 kg
Width: 51 cm
Length: 51 cm
Height: 3 cm
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