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Frameless infrared panel: 100W Original

Infrared panels with exolated aluminium frames

Ideal for apartments, for private use (frameless design with rear outlet)

*the data showed in cubic meters is only an indication!

The set does not contain the installation frame or screws! The ceiling installation set is available separately with the name "KN ceiling fastening set"!

The low temperature (85-95 °C) infrared panels have mostly been designed as primary heating systems for offices, businesses and family houses. However, they also excel as local heating solutions above beds or armchairs. Installable onto the ceiling or sidewalls. They might also be inserted in the place of a casette-type suspended ceiling (300, 600, 700W).  The system achieves its highest efficiency when installed on the ceiling, as the intensity of the infrared radiation can be at its highest on that area. These infrared panels have no visible frames, as they are integrated onto the back side, making them suitable for every style, into any environments. The panel shall be installed onto the ceiling or sidewall with the fastening flaps on its back side.

Harmonius design, combining maximal comfort with, of course, outstanding quality! Top quality product made in Europe! Our products are shipped in accordance with the needs of our customers, always in perfect quality. We are bound by the many years of experience regarding infrared heating solutions!

84,00 € each Weight: 2.8 kg
Width: 32 cm
Length: 50 cm
Height: 3 cm
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