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Programmable Digital Thermostat GSM

New product! GSM room thermostat with gratis built-in (external) antenna.

The thermostat is equipped with a built-in GSM mobile phone. This unit receives your call, allowing you to set the temperature of the room from wherever you are.

The best possible choice for controlling the heating systems of vacation and weekend houses!

The thermostat is equipped with a built-in mobile phone.

Temperature adjustment via phone

You can specify the desired temperature of the room by using the dialer.

The lowest setting is 6 degrees, the highest is 39 degrees

Usable for heating and cooling as well.

Measurement range: -40 - +99ºC

Storing temperature: -40 - +50ºC

Supply voltage 7.5Volt DC (with the supplied power supply unit)

Switchable voltage:  230VAC max. 5A Max: 1100W of load!

Temperature measurement: Automatically every 10 minutes.

Voice circuit range:  0-40 degrees.

229,00 € each

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